How long have you been a client of Adviser Outsourcing?

We’ve been a client of Adviser Outsourcing’s for nearly two years. We were recommended to them by another Independent IFA who they had assisted.

What services do Adviser Outsourcing provide to you?

Adviser Outsourcing also took on our income reconciliation service and help us in the preparation of RMAR reports. Over time Adviser Outsourcing have helped us configure our Intelligent Office (IO) database, review our processes, prepare for GDPR and a whole host of other things. We were amazed on how quickly and easily the team got our data into IO and started reconciling.

Before you used Adviser Outsourcing how did you manage your data?

We had not long become directly regulated and were using paper and spreadsheets. We were aware that IO had the capability of running our income however we were not sure where to start or how to run it alongside the business needs effectively.

What has Adviser Outsourcing given you / allowed you to do?

For Financial Advisers it’s incredibly important to have trustworthy data on income because it determines how much fees are coming in and from where and what people get paid. Using Adviser Outsourcing has given me peace of mind that this will always be accurate and is based on the business model we want to use.

As we now have accurate income data and the ability to build our own reports for analysis we have so much more visibility and information to help our business grow.

What is it like to work with Adviser Outsourcing?

The Adviser Outsourcing team are great and always professional, and ensure they get to know your business. They have a talent for explaining the system without any tech jargon. They also reply quickly and often come up with ideas/solutions we hadn’t considered. This support and the services they have provided have allowed us to be dynamic and adapt to changing client and regulatory environments.

What other benefits are there to using Adviser Outsourcing?

It really is peace of mind. I don’t have to allocate staff for cover as I would do if someone internally did the role. There are always a minimum of two main people for us to contact, and the work always gets done. Adviser Outsourcing offers us great value for money, and they have a wealth of knowledge and understand how our business is ran as well as how software works. This type of experience is hard to find in the market place or tap into.

Would you recommend them to other firms looking to outsource?

We would not hesitate to recommend the services of the team at Adviser Outsourcing, and we have recommended them to several other firms. The team at Adviser Outsourcing really do feel like an extension to us rather than a third party.

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