How long have you been a client and what does Adviser Outsourcing do for you?

I’ve been a client of Sarah’s since the beginning of Adviser Outsourcing. They reconcile all our income, but also export, synchronise and pull out the data I need from Intelligent Office, so really they manage all my data.

Before you used Adviser Outsourcing how did you manage your data?

It was difficult – I was juggling several plates at once with customers and also trying to manage the back office, and not doing the latter part particularly well or quickly. The reconciliation always needed to be done, but clients are my main priority so this got pushed to the end of my to-do-list, which wasn’t good practice.

What has Adviser Outsourcing given you / allowed you to do?

My level of client service has improved because I don’t have to spend time doing this technical back-office function. With that, my enjoyment of the work has increased because I’m spending much more time with clients and on new business and that has meant my income has also gone up. So it has been really great for my business.

What is it like to work with Adviser Outsourcing?

Sarah is incredibly positive. It is great to have someone with so much energy like her on hand to talk to because she is so knowledgeable about the industry. She is responsive to all of my requests and I have full faith that if I had a job to give her today, it would be done tomorrow to a high standard without me having to chase it up. She gives me real peace of mind and we have a great working relationship.

What other benefits are there to using Adviser Outsourcing?

They offer good value for money when compared to hiring full time staff to do the same work and it means my full time staff can get on with doing the things they are good and skilled at too, so they are happier at work. Adviser Outsourcing also work very well with other freelancers and other outsourced companies I use, so I spend less and less time managing everybody and more time seeing the results I need.

Would you recommend them to other firms looking to outsource?

Absolutely. They are experts in this field and it always makes sense to use and listen to experts.

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